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Interview with Diego Poyet


Interview with Diego Poyet.

1.What are the differences in playing style between the English League and the Argentinian League?

The main difference I would say is the speed of the game, English football is much faster than South American. Something that I think influences this a lot is the pitches, the wet surface in England helps with the speed of the ball.

2.What things did you learn from your father?

pretty much everything, and I still learn more and more every time we speak about football and talk about our experiences in the game. We share our thoughts and opinions nearly every week, every one in my family es very football orientated.

3. What ambitions do you have after football?

For the moment I haven't given it a lot of thought, I am still young therefore what the future has for me after football isn't something I have thought about. However I would probably like to become a coach one day.

4. How do you imagine your life in 5 years?

I would like to have settled down and be playing for a good club somewhere in Europe. Maybe have a girlfriend too and starting a family possibly.

5. If you could play for anyone or anywhere in the world, who/where would it be?

Chelsea, my father played there and it is the team I support. It would also mean I can live in London which is my favourite city in the world where I have my close friends.

6. Is there a big difference in the languages and cultures. in football?

yes definitely, I think ultimately of course football is the same, but haven't played in Europe and South America there are many differences on and off the pitch.

7.What do you miss about England, if any?

miss living in my apartment with my brother and my close friends that I grew up with

8.Is there a favorite food you miss from England?

not necessarily a favourite food, but I miss a lot of restaurants that I had when I lived there. Nando's is a restaurant with very good chicken that is common amongst young people in England.

9.Whats your perfect day without football.

hmmm difficult, without football, I would say being able to be outdoors with my family/friends. I have to get out the house and move. Whether it be go to the gym, go to the shopping mall, something but definitely not relaxing at home all day.

10. What do you like to do to disconnect in your free time?

If I feel like I need to disconnect and relax a bit I would say I would watch a series on Netflix.

11. Who was/is your football idle?

my idle would be Zidane. I think as a midfielder he was the best there ever has been, and I love watching videos of how he played.

12. What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses in football?

strengths - passing long and short, aggressive and smart
Weaknesses - mainly my speed

13. Are there any differences in the clubs infrastructure?

yes, organisation at my previous club West Ham was top class, everything was always ready and easy for the player to only concentrate on playing. In smaller clubs i have played for sometimes the player has to do a lot off the field which can cause stress for some players.

14. What is you favorite video game?


15. Are there big differences between the English league the the Argentinian League?

Yes many, from the way the clubs are run to the way the football is played on the pitch.

16 Is/was it difficult to be the son of a professional coach?

No I don't think so, I am used to it having grown up with my father playing football too, so it is something I have got more and more comfortable with over the years,

17. What did you do with your first professional football salary?

I saved it! Haha. I did not want to spend it, i remember as soon as I had my own bank account and was being paid by my club I wanted to keep hold of every bit of money I was receiving, it probably didn't last long before I was out shopping though!

18. Are there any differences in the training methods between the England and Argentina.

Yes there is, I would say I prefer the training in England much more to Argentina, but that's personal opinion. You play more 5 aside matches and intense tight matches in training in England, where in Argentina you do a lot of attacking style movements without any opposition, but of course I guess that also depends on the coaching staff.

19. What was the best professional match you have ever played?

my favourite match was when I started against Man Utd in the Premier league away at Old Trafford, a day I will never forget, the atmosphere was unbelievable

20. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in London where my father was playing for Chelsea and then Tottenham

21.Do you still have friends from your school days and if so how many?

Yes definitely. I have a small group of close friends in London. There is about 8-10 of us that are very close and will always remain my best friends.

22. Did you like school? what was your favorite subject?

yes and no. I liked being able to see my friends every day, but I found balancing school and football hard sometimes. My parents always pushed me to do well in school and finish my exams before I could take football on full time. My favourite subject in school was History.

23. What kind of music do you like to listen to? ie rock, punk, electronic, jazz?

yes and no. I liked being able to see my friends every day, but I found balancing school and football hard sometimes. My parents always pushed me to do well in school and finish my exams before I could take football on full time. My favourite subject in school was History.


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